Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Find a new thing to do with Google today

You can do a lot more than search the web with Google nowadays, from reading newspapers in languages you don't speak to seeing the natural habitat of Komodo dragons.

Discover something new to do with Google like following topics and try it for yourself.
  1. Browse the classics without opening a book
  2. Never wake up your Australian relatives at 3am again
  3. Convert £ to Yuan instantly
  4. See the Cerne Giant in your bedroom
  5. Automatically save every draft of your wedding list/seating plan
  6. Flight arrival and departure times in real time
  7. Say 'I don't speak Italian', in Italian
  8. Are you big in Uzbekistan?
  9. Settle trivia disputes in the pub
  10. Watch your favourite YouTube clips in high-resolution
  11. Stargaze on a bright sunny day, or on a cloudy afternoon
  12. Get directions when you're on the move
  13. Find out who's free for lunch without asking ...

It's a never ending list. To learn more through how-to videos, check this Google link out.

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