Monday, 20 October 2008

Online Tuition through Virtual Classrooms

Education Services Outsourcing (ESO) or Online Tuition has taken the world like storms. Students and their parents prefer to stay home, spend less and get best possible education. This is made possible using the Internet and this is a growing thinking.

Computing 9691 website offering this absolutely free. It allows you to connect to tutor using your computer and broadband Internet connection. Computing 9691 online tutoring is done using Voice, Chatting, Whiteboarding, File transfer and Application sharing. You can make your schedule for tuition sessions in advance. Review concepts, catch up on school/home work and get help for projects and assignments.

Online tuition is easy, convenient and fun. Using prescribed software, you and the tutor share an on-screen visual aids that can display problems, solutions, worksheets, presentation, animations, simulations and other engaging, interactive content.

Using Chatting, Whiteboarding, File transfer and Application sharing workspace both tutor and student talk, share files, draw and write to share problems, solutions and explanations to maximize learning.

You work one-on-one with tutor in a secure web environment using your existing computer, web browser and a broadband Internet connection - no special equipment or software is needed. You can also voice chat by using the instant message box.

You can reach to tutor as often as you need help through email. There are no maximum number of sessions. You get unlimited tutoring hours every month absolutely free for June 2009 CIE exams. Sessions are just like working face to face with a tutor. For further knowledge click here.

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