Monday, 2 May 2011

Tips for last hours before CIE exam.

  1. Solve past papers in latest to oldest order.
  2. Write in bullets. See for details.
  3. AS pupils: Solve algorithm slides given over site's resource page under Algorithms section.
  4. Expect the unexpected. Don't miss any topic. There is a big chance that unusual topics appear and ways adapted by CIE.
  5. A2: At the end revise AS too. A2 paper has AS part in it.
  6. In P1 chapter 6 and 10 and in P3 all theory chapters must be engulfed like children.
  7. AS: binary and algos; if appears covers more than 20% marks. A2: floating point, BNF, structures' algos, FDER cycle; if appear covers minimum 22% and maximum 50%.
  8. Remember its threshold system that never exceeds more than 67% and mostly your projects scored on better side, so leaving a 2 marks question is like giving up current grade and sliding into grade below. Grading has been improved lately by 10% below last June so earning Good grades is easier than ever.
  9. And now for last 12 hours:
  • Leave all studies and preps.
  • Have at least 8 hours sleep.
  • Pay attention to KEYTIME (ask school for it).
  • While leaving home grab a chewing gum/toffee and RedBull. Engulf RB right before you enter the centre so that by the time you start caffeine and tourine kicks in to enhance concentration and mood.
  • Go through paper as a whole once, put CG/toffee in and go through paper again. This finishes adrenaline rush and makes you ready for an outstanding, fast and best work piece ever created. Take good 10 minutes for this.
  • Attempt easy questions first and more technical after that.
  • Never mitch mitch cut any answer written but simply cancel, if require, with two lines over.
  • Never hesitate to put your own point of view.
  • Write short and to the point answers.
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