Saturday, 18 August 2012

Why Computer Studies/Biology at O'Level.

The IBCC added Biology/Computer Studies as a subject for O level students as "necessary" - to get Matric Science Equivalency (way back in 2006).

The in-efficient IBCC was supposed to update changed information in their website (but failed to do so for years). Moreover the Equivalency forms available with IBCC offices and the forms downloaded from their website DO NOT show of any change. Moreover IBCC claims on notifying Ministry of Education (Govt. of Sindh) of this change in 2006.

So Computer Studies 7010 in pakistan at O'Level is suppose to be the necessary subject passed at least with the A Grade for the following reasons:

  1. You pursue Inter Pre-Eng after O'Level and require IBCC Equivalence
  2. You pursue BE after your A'Level or Inter
  3. You are in A'Level or Inter Pre-Eng and you haven't done Computer Studies and you want to take admission in public sector University
  4. You are in A'Level or Inter and want to take admission in any of the following HEC Recognized Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions
  5. To appear equivalent to HSC student even after about 10 % marks reduction by IBCC for equivalency

There are three engineering institutions in Pakistan regarded to be tops at present, namely NUST, GIKI and UET Lahore. Of these institutions, NUST and UET, ask for submission of equivalence certificate by IBCC before admissions. And although the pre-requisite for entering NUST is 60% marks in FSc, admission in UET is tougher for A-level students and only for students who achieve straight A grades.

With the rumors that government intends to do away with the Entry Test for engineering universities and colleges, I for one am concerned about the future of A-level students. With the exception of GIKI and LUMS, which do not demand an equivalence certificate, it would be virtually impossible for an A-level student to get admission in universities such as UET Lahore. The situation is even worse on the medical side. Only Aga Khan Medical University does not demand equivalence certificate (as far as I know). To get admission in KE MU is virtually impossible for an A-level candidate.;wap2

Even if you get away with university/college admission time equivalency requirement then after completing your professional education years at BE and MBBS granting colleges you require practice license from Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) that can still be denied grossly.
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