Saturday, September 20, 2008

CIE Reporting System for Answer Sheets' Checking.

In few English education boards like Edexel, after students receive their results they are allowed to check their answer papers' marking by the examiners. This is made possible by giving all students username and passwords.
This process makes it possible FOR EVERY STUDENT (not only those who pay additional hefty amounts as CIE rechecking and for question wise remarks fee) to have a fair look and improve upon their mistakes. In addition to that students may directly chat with examiners for their improvement and for any queries they have.
Rest I leave to you people out there to decide yourself what is better for our student.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Power of illustrations.

Today I was in a class and teaching Arrays and internally worshiping the idea to teach using illustrations. As the saying goes "A picture speaks for thousand words", I was in comfort zone understanding all of my students in the class --with varying backgrounds-- are comfortable with the topic.

Since I realised the power of illustrations during the lecture time, I always come up with illustrations to teach. Exams and tests later prove that the overall understanding of students increases manifold due to this strategy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New 9691Computing Syllabus Website.

A new website for CIE 9691 Computing syllabus is started recently.
This website covers following:
  1. AS and A Level revision notes.
  2. P2 and P4 (AS and A2 projects) support
  3. 9691 resources for:
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Algorithms
  • Past Papers
  • Topic Wise Lecture & Exam Preparation Guides

Please visit this website here at