Thursday, June 04, 2009

OMG! CIE papers are being leaked out before hand.

Today one of my fellow teachers informed me about happenings in underworld CIE paper leakages. It could be wrong and a hype BUT a warning sign.

He was contacted by one of his students, who was asking for his time two hours before CIE exam. He naively committed and later he had a wind chimed through his mind and when contacted again at 11:30AM, he asked if it is a matter of CIE paper solution. What happened next is that he refused.

Anyways, story unfolds and and it is known that CIE papers with the difference of two hours or so before CIE exam time is being faxed from abroad, probably from Malaysia. Underworld people here are doing as follows.
*They charge 5000 per student
*Inform a night before about the dynamic rendezvous
*And time is an hour or hour and half before CIE exam
*At rat hole students are not allowed to bring any stationary
*Students are provided stationary and a copy of forthcoming paper
*Students solve it and leave for exam leaving everything behind them, i.e. come and go empty handed.

Now we have heard that authorities are after this group and SOON they will catch culprits red handed. I hope, culprits are not bribing to ........ & ........

This is southeast Asia and here money talks bullshit walks :(