Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Cautious Approach to CIE Exams. CIE may come after your center.

A strange happening has been reported from a member's source in a south east Asian country. A CIE center's candidate after appearing in 9691 exam and within 24 hours for no wicked reason naively uploaded CIE paper's questions at online discussion group. As 24 hours is CIE's security time period and centers do not convey proper rules and regulations to their candidates. This student was caught, through his profile at the online discussion group, by CIE's security monitoring department. Center was advised for such illegal online activity and later student was graded "X" overall.

It was not enough as CIE awarded "U" to all 9691 projects in that center. Even those students who appeared in last CIE exam and scored "A" in projects and lesser grade in paper and reappeared this exam for grade improvement came under axe. Their already "A" marked projects from last exam were resubmitted but scored "U" this go.

So centers, PLEASE convey proper CIE rules and regulations to your candidates both through class teachers and bill boards and make sure candidates have every knowledge of it. This way centers would not only help these under age children against such illegal acts but save them trauma, time and their money.