Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seven most important P3 topics of Computing 9691

Seven topics when they appear hold approximately 30% of total P3 marks. This simply implies (looking at the latest threshold) that passing P3 exam becomes easier with proper understanding of these important topics.

Most of the times 3 of these 7 topics co-appear and every one of them hold 10% approx marks of the total P3 marks. Check out the topical past papers and yearly past papers here.

Names of the topics appear below in order they appear in syllabus:
  1. Interrupts
  2. Lexical analysis
  3. Fetch-Decode-Execute-Reset cycle
  4. 3.4(a-e); Mostly combined in a question as parts and mainly worked around floating point notations
  5. Bacus Naur form (can be combined with syntax diagram)
  6. Reverse polish and Infix notations
  7. Entity relationship diagram (ERD)
View 9691/03 Statometer to know the frequency of further P3 chapters and topics in past papers.