Saturday, March 02, 2013

P2 Observations required to be considered when appearing for CIE exam.

Following are the points need to be considered when you are finished with the P2 syllabus.

A. Dealing with string as an array
B. Dealing with string with respect to ASCII

2. FLOWCHART: Every flowchart in paper 2 that is required to be converted to its pseudocode or source code is a function or procedure.

3. FILE MANIPULATION: It is always in pseudocode & requires mostly assumptions.

4. SCREEN/REPORT DESIGNING: Allocated marks are increasing so more practice is required.

5. NESTING: All loop forms for nesting must be practiced.

A. By value
B. By referance 
(Take help from 3.5)

7. RECURSION: Appear only for dry run

8. ARRAYS: Must be practiced with loops (both simple and nested).

A. Files saved with these UDT's.
B. One field in a UDT as an array.
C. UDT variable as an array.
D. Dealing with a record format array when one of UDT's field is an array.
E. As an array of different typed columns; which is not possible with ordinary/simple arrays.

10. Chap 2.5 is always expected to be implemented in all written pseudocodes/source codes as marks are allocated for these practices in marking schemes.

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