Friday, May 01, 2015

Theory of 24 Hours of Learning

Twenty four hours of learning has a different efficacy level for students if those hours are spent during last 2 days, last week or last month before the exams. Human mind has different response to the anxiety felt because of the short time before exam and calmness when still there is time before exam. Mind absorbs more while learners try in short bursts and over a longer period of time and loses more when learners try in longer hours over a short period of time.
Not everyone is made the same. Observation has shown that many students procrastinate and study when it gets too close to exam under pressure. Too much of pressure felt results in anxiety, less or no sleep and adrenaline rush that ultimately crashes human body exactly when it is time to produce; may be on exam time exactly.
I as a teacher when look at the answers scripts can easily realize that who has studied in what length of days. For example best answers are given by those students who mostly study a little but steadily throughout the term, average answers without much of the brain are mostly from students studying during last few days and failure probable are those who tried to revise or learn during last hours before exam.
So, let’s say you want to produce best result possible in exam and you want to spend 24 hours for one subject. Best strategy is to spread these 24 hours over a month time, which is one hour per day per subject. This gives you few free days to enjoy and best learning possible according to your intellect. If you spend these 24 hours in a week then you lose chance of retention by 50% and further during last couple of days you will be able to retain only 20% of all studied and that is only when you had studied the same, may be briefly, sometime before.
These 24 hours over a month also give you chance to think about the topic studied, research and inquiring from teacher and fellow students. This is completely impossible when studied at last hour. CIE nowadays giving concept based questions more than straight ones and any of the rot learned topic is not sufficient to answer such questions.

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