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Why choose Computer Science as a Career?

Computer Science as a Career?
Almost every teenager in Pakistan after completing their High school education goes through the stressful thought process of choosing a career path. It’s a fact that there are those who seem like they have their whole lives planned out, but the majority struggles and seeks guidance to select a field that will help them fulfill their desired goals in life. The intent of writing this article is not to tell you that selecting Computer Science (CS) as a career will suddenly fill your life with rainbows and unicorns, the intent is to tell you the hows and whats of what one can achieve by selecting this career.

In it’s core definition, Computer Science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers, but to understand CS in its practical paradigms, we have to look at the bigger picture and the pathways that branch out after entering the door of CS. The first reason to choose Computer Science is simple, it’s a digital age! (if you might not have noticed), so the world will always need more Computer Scientists. Want another reason? Name one Industry which is working without the help of computers today, let it be science, health care or engineering. If they have a problem, it’s up to the Computer Scientist to design a specific software solution for them.

If you’re not a huge fan of the common 9 to 5, CS provides you with the necessary skills required to initiate your own innovative startup; it can be a website or mobile application, you won’t have to reach out to anyone else for these startup boosters. This field will not only teach you the skills that will help you land a better job, the problem solving mindset that one develops through out this field stays forever, and the value of an efficient problem solving mindset can not be stated in mere words.

Another motivator to choose CS can be the fact that this field is filled with amazing sub-fields to choose from. Who wouldn’t love to make an artificially intelligent bot to do their work for them? Who wouldn’t want to escape reality and roam around in another dimension through the power of Virtual Reality? Who wouldn’t want to develop games that can be a source of entertainment for hours? Developing Websites and Mobile Applications in your free time and earning a decent amount of money from it, who wouldn’t love that? And these are just some of the immensely large number of work areas in the magical world of Computer Science. Lastly, the point many students ponder upon; Yes! Computer Science pays excellently, but the catch is quite simple, like Confucius said:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

It is a fact that selecting a career path is a tough decision, and I would never suggest anyone to select Computer Science as a career because they might think it’s easy, it’s unquestionably not, but if anyone is remotely interested in this field, I can claim without a doubt in my heart that it can be a long road, but it is definitely worth it. In the end, the equation is quite simple as put forward by Hamilton Holt:
“Nothing worthwhile comes easily.”

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By: Zafar Ali Khan

Zafar Ali Khan [ZAK] is an O/A level Computer Science Pakistani educator, entrepreneur, and former programmer. He supports a free online education platform to impart O and A level resources. His resources include notes, video lectures, online discussion groups, an artificial intelligence based virtual assistant, upcoming Android and IOS based apps and a website.

ZAK is teaching a wide spectrum of learners, mainly focusing on Computer Science 2210 and 9608. ZAK has a stellar online following, which is evident from his 50,000+ online followers. These exist wherever CIE is offered.

ZAK has taught in many auspicious and renowned institutes throughout Karachi for the past 18 years. His teaching methods coupled with his most innovative digital resources helped students achieve outstanding grades including distinctions in CIE. ZAK is an associate of The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), which is a Parastatal body, working under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius. ZAK's yearly seminars and one-day marathon classes are very famous among the learners.

Before opting for a full-time teaching profession, ZAK has had the privilege of being associated with renowned public and corporate organizations. He has worked in a diversified array of the large local and international corporations both as a part of them and as a consultant. This wide array of organizations commence from Pakistan Army Engineering Corps to the Galileo Emirates, Dubai and The Acutus NY, USA. Industries that ZAK has experienced with, before opting for a teaching profession, are engineering, pharmaceutical, digital video R&D and customer reservation system (CRS). His expertise as application developer, IT administrator, project manager and IT teacher in a wide variety of business applications has always helped him in innovating teaching styles and resources.

To reap a maximum result out of Zak’s efforts it is important to understand his point of view. In simple words, he wants to showcase his research to widest possible audience, enhance subject’s reputation, fulfill social responsibility – provide education for all, share best practice locally & internationally, allow his work for peer review, maximize the use and increase availability of O/A CS educational materials, and to raise standards of educational resources by gathering more contributors.

Additional O/A Computer Science Resources: 

To save costs for students, provide access to more quality choices, help preparation for CS courses and retention of knowledge gained after course completion, more clarity and certainty regarding reuse of materials, Zak has developed few of the following resources so far:

A Detailed Website ( For O/A level computers all of the resources possible are built, optimized and made available through this website. These resources include but not limited to notes, lectures, assignments, and topical past papers etc.
Online Subject Discussion Groups (OL, AL For good understanding of a subject, learning never ends without sharing own and contributing to others’ efforts. These groups make that possible effortlessly. With several hundred teachers and thousands of students from many countries this group will never put you behind when you are in need of CS related help.

Topic Lecture Videos YouTube channel ( Modern learning is half done without online lectures’ videos. Here it all ends to seal the deal.

An Artificial Intelligent Chat Bot ( An effort to enhance 24/7 help, a virtual tutor A.I bot is on the way; not perfect though, it will keep you busy learning and may be entertaining.

Mobile Apps: Coming soon, these Apps will keep learners on toes when it comes to support seeking.

Student Encouragement & Support:

Education Fund: Not a big one though but in personal capacity and with friends’ help many students are given support for their tuition fees at schools, centers and universities.

Football Club, Karachi Intrepid FC: Zak being owner and president. Up-and-coming football club from the central region of Karachi, who soon will make in your hearts, gather your support, and will have the whole region glow with the memories it will make, and the echelon of success it will win! 

Online & Offline Tuition Classes: Reinforcement classes for school students and primary source of CS education for private students.

ZAKathon, Education Tomorrowland ( Initially started as a random experiment, these workshop classes in five years’ time have evolved phenomenally in strength and fame. ZAKathon are longer hours’ revision workshop classes that are held just before the CIE paper days and purpose is to help students increase their understanding of O/A level subjects, bolster knowledge gained during these classes and leave students fully prepared for their exams. Certainly it can be termed as "Education Tomorrowland".

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