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How Schools With No Tuition Policy can help Hobbyists, Lowering Tuition Culture and Put a Stop To The Death of Social Life. A students perspective...

Wake up at 7AM, reach school at 8AM, get home at 3PM, reach tuition center at 4PM, back home at 10PM and repeat. This is what represents the life of most O/A level students nowadays. Private tuitions murdered the social life of students and a typical family working day ends late night instead of early evening. Think about it yourself. After such a hectic routine, do you think that it is possible for a sane, normal person can enjoy with his family or friends, given that the same schedule is to repeat the next day?

Many of you would still be managing this routine along with your social interactions, but the problem lies with the majority of you who are unable to do so. Hobbies, whether sports or video games, and healthy night sleep are necessary factors in students' life.  They give you a way to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life, allowing to relax and find some time for what you love. If you do not have any hobbies, you’re a mess.

Evening tuitions are leading to a stressful life. A jinx that has been imposed by the students onto themselves. Attending classes in schools and colleges has fallen out of favor of the pupils. Bunking classes, feeling sleepy during classes and falling asleep, also carrying out pranks within the class has become common because most of the students are not ready to pay attention.

Result, no focus to the lectures at school despite the heavy amounts of money that is being paid by the parents charged by institutions. The harm that the students are inflicting upon themselves is one that they do not realize. Losing social interactions, giving up limited precious teen time and wasting their parent’s hard-earned money are not a quality life that they actually require. It may seem for the time being that they’re making most of it in education terms, but such in the longer run hampering studies, mounting stress, taking quality sleep time away, and ultimately they miss out on what they actually should be doing; going out with family, playing any sport that they love, being mentally healthy and education gains.

Many factors contribute to the half hearted education efforts at school like disliking school teachers or institution policies, not trying to study themselves, relying heavily on evening teachers efforts and thus after wasting their time for small activities that sum up to huge amounts of time, students are left with no option but to sacrifice their actual free time going to private tuitions to cover up for their loss at school and in order to make sure that they can pass with acceptable grades in their examinations.

In addition to the wastage of time, an extra sum of money is also to be paid by parents. The worrying thing is the endorsements for such institutions by influential individuals who are also a model to follow for our students. When a 36 A grades holder student in CAIE Examinations opens up a center for private tuitions, the students are further compelled to believe that this is the only way that they can succeed at this level. It is not such individuals who are to blame. Simply put, you need to earn your life back. You need to break this cycle of tiring routine and live your life as it is meant to be.

Do what is required, when it is required. Choose a school with no tuition policy as such schools are trying hard to deliver what's best in their students favour.

By: Zafar Ali Khan

Zafar Ali Khan (ZAK) is an O/A level Computer Science Pakistani educator, entrepreneur, and former programmer. He supports a free online education platform to impart O and A level resources. His resources include notes, video lectures, online discussion groups, an artificial intelligence based virtual assistant, upcoming Android and IOS based apps and a website.

ZAK is teaching a wide spectrum of learners, mainly focusing on Computer Science 2210, 0478 and 9608. ZAK has a stellar online following, which is evident from his 50,000+ online followers. These exist wherever CIE is offered.

ZAK has taught in many auspicious and renowned institutes throughout Karachi for the past 23 years. His teaching methods coupled with his most innovative digital resources helped students achieve outstanding grades including distinctions in CIE. ZAK is an associate of The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), which is a Parastatal body, working under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius. ZAK's yearly seminars and one-day marathon classes are very famous among the learners.

Before opting for a full-time teaching profession, ZAK has had the privilege of being associated with renowned public and corporate organizations. He has worked in a diversified array of the large local and international corporations both as a part of them and as a consultant. This wide array of organizations commence from Pakistan Army Engineering Corps to the Galileo Emirates, Dubai and The Acutus NY, USA. Industries that ZAK has experienced with, before opting for a teaching profession, are engineering, pharmaceutical, digital video R&D and customer reservation system (CRS). His expertise as application developer, IT administrator, project manager and IT teacher in a wide variety of business applications has always helped him in innovating teaching styles and resources.

To reap a maximum result out of Zak’s efforts it is important to understand his point of view. In simple words, he wants to showcase his research to widest possible audience, enhance subject’s reputation, fulfill social responsibility – provide education for all, share best practice locally & internationally, allow his work for peer review, maximize the use and increase availability of O/A CS educational materials, and to raise standards of educational resources by gathering more contributors.

Additional O/A Computer Science Resources: 

To save costs for students, provide access to more quality choices, help preparation for CS courses and retention of knowledge gained after course completion, more clarity and certainty regarding reuse of materials, Zak has developed few of the following resources so far:

A Detailed Website ( For O/A level computers all of the resources possible are built, optimized and made available through this website. These resources include but not limited to notes, lectures, assignments, and topical past papers etc.

Online Subject Discussion Groups (OL, AL For good understanding of a subject, learning never ends without sharing own and contributing to others’ efforts. These groups make that possible effortlessly. With several hundred teachers and thousands of students from many countries this group will never put you behind when you are in need of CS related help.

YouTube channel ( Modern learning is half done without online lectures’ videos. Here it all ends to seal the deal.

An Artificial Intelligent Chat Bot ( An effort to enhance 24/7 help, a virtual tutor A.I bot is on the way; not perfect though, it will keep you busy learning and may be entertaining.

Mobile Apps: Coming soon, these Apps will keep learners on toes when it comes to support seeking.

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Education Fund: Not a big one though but in personal capacity and with friends’ help many students are given support for their tuition fees at schools, centers and universities.

Football Club, Karachi Intrepid FC: Zak being owner and president. Up-and-coming football club from the central region of Karachi, who soon will make in your hearts, gather your support, and will have the whole region glow with the memories it will make, and the echelon of success it will win! 

Online & Offline Tuition Classes: Reinforcement classes for school students and primary source of CS education for private students.

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